A free resource of information and knowledge specifically designed for Post Production Supervisors and Coordinators working in TV and Film Post Production


Working with education and industry providers to deliver specialised courses for Post Supervisors & Coordinators


Developing tools to simplify and streamline the workload for Post Supervisors & Coordinators working across the globe

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Post Super is a new venture designed to help Freelancers Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators working in Film & High End Television by creating a fully searchable Knowledge Base. This will enable Studios, Creative Producers, Post Producers, Supervisors and Coordinators to effectively plan and execute Post whilst providing a centre for our community to come together in forums and knowledge sharing to generate streamlined workflows, share best practice and proactively network.

Post Producers, Supervisors & Coordinators are effectively an extremely specialized number of individuals working on the front lines of Film and TV Post Production. We have spending power between us over hundreds of millions of pounds in the UK alone, as we control Post Production budget, schedule and through which facilities the work gets done for all content that gets made. We cannot access, but DO NEED training and information for three reasons…

  • We are not the equipment operators, but we hire them (and we need to know what they are doing!)
  • We decide which facilities to use based on the equipment they can supply us with. We often dictate exactly which equipment/software we want, based on our producer’s requirements.
  • We are predominately freelancers who are rarely attached to any organisations or specific companies (we are not eligible for any of the inhouse training schemes/information streams)

Currently there are no formal resources for the freelance post management community, no courses or training schemes and in short there is a lack of readily available organised support for a significant and rapidly growing sector of High End TV & Film production. We are the only company out there providing it.

We have recently launched our website for registration, and we had a huge response. We have over 70% of the drama/scripted freelance Post Management community working in London currently signed up and we are extending our reach to Europe as well as the USA and Canada. Further to this, Post Super also has support from many large Post Production Facilities as well as industry content generators.

So what is the Post Super and what are we planning to do…

We will have a tiered approach, providing the following elements we can put a framework of support around this group enabling us to rise higher and produce more exceptional content by skilling up people already doing the job and recruiting more, to forward the industry.

  1. Information– A website based Knowledge Hub for the Post Community. A free resource to provide an overview of best practice and technical information as well as a community/forum for collaboration.
  2. Training– Post Super has been working with lots of education providers, including the NFTS and others, but we are responding to direct requests from our members for webinar training during this COVID-19 outbreak.
  3. Tools– Post Super has been developing tools to help streamline our workflows.

Who is Post Super…

Gemma Nicholson – a Post Supervisor working in the Film and TV industry with almost 18 years’ experience. We have a full business plan available on request.


If you would like to get in contact with us here at Post Super please email us directly on [email protected]